Founded by Fabien Baron, Baron & Baron Inc. is a global branding company that has successfully navigated through the ever-changing marketplace, initiating trends and capturing tastes to manage each facet of an organization’s growth and development. 

A clean, modern and serene aesthetic provides a haven in which this dynamic group can flourish. The visually stimulating, urban industrial landscape, visible from the large bay windows of the main spaces, inspired a design that would act as a simple background for the creative process. 

The minimalist approach to the furniture inhabiting the library and bookshelves surrounding the perimeter contribute to the calming atmosphere. The communal and cavernous space of the library gives way to the organization of the adjacent spaces, which are centered around the special requirements of various design teams. Within this calm series of spaces, the orderly arrangement of anchored functional elements have been strategically sliced to provide subtle connections between spaces and to enliven and energize the environment.

Completed while employed at SPAN Architecture
Photography by Michael Moran