This 30,000 sq. ft. club in mid-town Manhattan houses a collection of disparate programs distributed across six floors: theatres, galleries, dining, drinking, office, meeting spaces, library, spa, therapy rooms, personal grooming and salon, and exercise facility. The Core Club exploits the vertical movement between floors as well as the potential transformative nature of common building materials. 

The programs around the 2nd floor restaurant are arrayed around a central “core”; circulation is centripetal as one moves from the lounge to the bar to the informal dining to the formal dining. The “core” is created through the manipulation of common oak wood into a tightly chamfered solid.

At the 6th floor, the spa’s individual treatment suites are the most dramatic incarnation of the manipulated wood material. The ceiling and floor surfaces become critical focus points during a relaxing treatment. Parquet wood flooring is rendered in a custom triangulated pattern reminiscent of the chamfer as if it were flattened. Treatment cabinets and ceilings are an exploded version of the chamfer and give way to an oculus of light which defines each room as a core space organized around each individual members needs. 

Completed while employed at SPAN Architecture
Photography by Michael Moran